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Eveline Hasselman’s ‘THE JOY OF SIGHT!’ – a real life story!

Hamisi had turned from bread winner for his family to a big burden after loosing his eyesight.

At the Kwale Eye Centre, he had an operation to remove the cataract from each of his eyes. This is a painting of the man when the bandages came off! I am sure you can imagine what it is like to see again after having gone blind!

This 60 x 50cm acrylic piece is currently on sale at The Diani Beach Art Gallery for US $1,570.

The gallery AND artist will donate 10% each of the proceeds to Eyes for East Africa ( through the Eye Centre – Kenya which supports the care and treatment for blind and partially-sighted individuals in Kwale district, South Coast.

Please share if you’d like to help for this amazing piece with an amazing story to find a new home and for Eyes for East Africa to receive the donations! Thank you!

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